Grow your client base and find new buyers at The Big 5 Construct East Africa from 2 - 4 November 2016 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.  

Backed by government bodies in Kenya, such as the National Construction Authority and Kenya Investment Authority, The Big 5 Construct East Africa will be the central meeting place for global manufacturers to network and do business at one place, at one time. The exhibition is part of National Construction Week (NCW) - a new initiative by the Kenyan Government to focus and develop the construction industry in Kenya.

The exhibition will include ACORCE- Official conference of the exhibition - organised by NCA, bringing thousands of new clients to the exhibition as they have over 20,000 registered construction companies looking to increase their supplier list and make new contacts.


Meet the buyers

Thousands of serious construction buyers will converge at The Big 5 Construct East Africa to source international solutions to satisfy the high demand in Kenya.


Exhibit in 2016

The growing market coupled with launch of multiple mega projects makes Kenya a must invest region for construction.


Gain local access

Invest in this fast growing region to meet new clients and expand your business in East Africa.

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  • Coatings, adhesives & sealants (232x195).jpg

    Coatings, adhesives & sealants

  • Concrete & related products (232x195).jpg

    Concrete & related products

  • Construction tools (232x195).jpg

    Construction tools

  • Elevators & escalators (232x195).jpg

    Elevators & escalators

  • Electrical systems (232x195).png

    Electrical systems

  • Facades, windows & doors (232x195).jpg

    Facades, windows & doors

  • Facilities management products & services (232x195).jpg

    Facilities management products & services

  • Fire detection & protection (232x195).jpg

    Fire detection & protection

  • Prefabricated buildings (232x195).jpg

    Prefabricated buildings

  • General building materials (232x195).jpg

    General building materials

  • Safety & security (232x195).jpg

    Safety & security

  • HVAC (232x195).jpg


  • Software & IT (232x195).png

    Software & IT

  • Solar energy (232x195).jpg

    Solar energy

  • Outdoor design & landscaping (232x195).jpg

    Outdoor design & landscaping

  • PMV & related products (232x195).jpg

    PMV & related products

  • Stairs & staircases (232x195).jpg

    Stairs & staircases

  • Steel (232x195).jpg


  • Water Technology (232x195).jpg

    Water technology



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