2 - 4 November 2016
10:00 - 18:00 Daily
Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Kenya


for free and fast track entry to the exhibition. Your badge number will enable you to skip the long registration queues.


The National Construction Week is a new initiative launched by the Government of Kenya to develop the industry.


the latest construction products and technologies from around the globe, some never before seen in Kenya.


thousands of global manufacturers and buyers of innovative products and technologies.


The second edition of the National Construction Authority's annual conference will be held in the amphitheatre.


CPD certified and complimentary to attend. We have an expert list of speakers presenting on all days of the exhibition.


diggers, that is. The world-famous dancing diggers will perform during the show, close to the registration area.


Add the event to your calendar so you don't miss out on the elements taking place rom 2 - 4 November 2016 at KICC.

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What to expect from 2-4 November 2016?

The official exhibition of Kenya's first National Construction Week - The Big 5 Construct East Africa - will bring together the construction industry at the Kenyatta International Confernece Centre.

Registered professionals will enjoy:

  • Access to thousands of international products, some never before seen in Kenya
  • Opportunity to participate in ACoRCE 2016, annual conference of the National Construction Authority - co-located with the exhibition
  • Key learnings from 15+ complimentary CPD certified workshops
  • World class dance performance by the JCB diggers
  • Networking with the industry's finest
    and so much more...

Don't miss anything


  • coatings.jpg

    Coatings, adhesives & sealants

  • 5D_D6424.jpg

    Concrete & related products

  • 5D_A9119.jpg

    Construction tools

  • elevator-access-control-system-250x250.jpg

    Elevators & escalators

  • 5D_A9132.jpg

    Facades, windows & doors

  • facility-management-recruitment.jpg

    Facilities management products & services

  • 1DX_9542.jpg

    Prefabricated buildings

  • product.jpg

    Fire detection & protection

  • 1DX_9522.jpg

    General building materials

  • SAFETY.jpg

    Safety & security

  • 5D_A9055.jpg


  • Telstar.Construction (1).jpg

    Software & IT

  • SOLAR.jpg

    Solar energy

  • 5D_C7895.jpg

    Outdoor design & landscaping

  • modern-wood-stairs-design-marretti-5.jpg

    Stairs & staircases

  • pmv.png

    PMV & related products

  • STEEL.jpg


  • 1DX_9603.jpg

    Water technology

  • 5D_C8037.jpg

    Electrical systems

As the regulators of the Kenyan construction industry, on board we have a world renowned exhibitions partner - The Big 5 Construct East Africa to bring to the construction industry a wealth of knowledge and Experience in construction materials and technologies. The time and resources invested in this partnership will propel the Annual Construction Research Conference and Exhibition to greater heights of becoming the reference point in matters construction in 10 years.

Arch. Daniel O. Manduku

Executive Director, National Construction Authority

Every stakeholder has a need to bring something to others to see and uptake. The partnership between the Authority and The Big 5 Construct East Africa will provide not only a forum but immense opportunity to showcase technology, ideas and information that can be adopted and taken to the next level to better the construction industry.

Eng. Maurice Akech

General Manager Research, Training & Capacity Building, National Construction Authority

The Big 5 Construct East Africa is positioned to disrupt the norm by revolutionizing the East African construction industry. Looking forward to learn, explore and experience exciting features in our first ever Big 5 exhibition in East Africa. The future of construction comes to us. See you there!

Brian Odhiambo

Project Architect

Signing up for the event gives me the advantage of experiencing innovation and eye opening construction breakthroughs in the construction industry exhibition for the first time. It's like a one stop shop for innovative construction technology. It’s an event with a new concept, one that has not been seen in Kenya yet. Exited to source the best design software for my team and access first hand products and free consultancy from the manufacturers.

Risley Nelson Kavu

Senior Project Manager & Lead Interior Designer

Being held in Kenya for the first time, this exhibition will bring about opportunities that will nurture the local construction market by letting in what is celebrated and practiced globally. The show is a must attend To learn and interact with other people in the industry on the evolution and innovation of building material and technology. I look forward to hearing from great players in the industries from around the globe.

Shirley Lugalia

Senior Interior Designer

It is the biggest show of its kind in East Africa. For the first time we are getting the chance to see a worldwide showcase in our city, Nairobi, with over 200 exhibitors. I look forward to new products, services and technologies which will enhance our local construction industry.

Dilraj Bhachu

Managing Director, Timber World Ltd