The only exhibition supported by Kenya's National Construction Authority (NCA)

The Kenyan Government has announced the first week of November as the National Construction Week which includes The Big 5 Construct East Africa as the official exhibition, second edition of NCA's annual conference - ACORCE and activities such as site visits, country wide seminars etc. This initiative is focused on promoting the growth and development of the Kenyan construction industry.

Our partnership with the government has resulted in support from Kenya Investment Authority and co-location with ACORCE. The event is open to all construction professionals in the local market plus NCA’s 15,000 construction members who are looking for innovative products and new technologies.

Participate today in this government supported, international event to open doors and meet new clients in East Africa.


Generate Sales Leads

Supply your products to Kenya – a region looking for international innovative construction solutions for their upcoming mega projects.


Access East Africa

The growing market coupled with launch of multiple mega projects makes Kenya a must invest region for construction.


Gain local access

Invest in this fast growing region to meet new clients and expand your business in East Africa.

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  • coatings.jpg

    Coatings, adhesives & sealants

  • 5D_D6424.jpg

    Concrete & related products

  • 5D_A9119.jpg

    Construction tools

  • elevator-access-control-system-250x250.jpg

    Elevators & escalators

  • 5D_A9132.jpg

    Facades, windows & doors

  • facility-management-recruitment.jpg

    Facilities management products & services

  • 1DX_9542.jpg

    Prefabricated buildings

  • product.jpg

    Fire detection & protection

  • 1DX_9522.jpg

    General building materials

  • SAFETY.jpg

    Safety & security

  • 5D_A9055.jpg


  • Telstar.Construction (1).jpg

    Software & IT

  • SOLAR.jpg

    Solar energy

  • 5D_C7895.jpg

    Outdoor design & landscaping

  • modern-wood-stairs-design-marretti-5.jpg

    Stairs & staircases

  • pmv.png

    PMV & related products

  • STEEL.jpg


  • 1DX_9603.jpg

    Water technology

  • 5D_C8037.jpg

    Electrical systems



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