Free CPD certified workshops

Proposed below is a list of CPD certified free to attend workshops, each workshop will be delivered by an industry specialist. Covering a range of different topics – all CPD workshops would entitle you to a participation certificate.

Please note: For you to receive your CPD points and certificate you MUST attend the first 30 minutes of the workshop.

Take a look at the agenda below:

Workshop Theatre A          Workshop Theatre B

  • Green Priorities in tropical architecture through environmental building physics: building design to take into consideration thermal comfort; natural and passive ventilation; day lighting; and house acoustics, examples of projects undertaken by Eco-Build Africa and international best practices.

  • Passive design strategies for the tropics: energy efficiency in building; efficient water use and reuse in buildings; alternative sanitation systems; solar heating technologies; energy efficient lighting and energy efficient heating solutions.

  • Environmental design at planning levels: urban greening, climate change, greenhouse gas emission reduction through planning, solid waste management, embodied energy reduction through construction materials and technologies. 

  • Why construct for green energy
  • Cost benefit of Green energy construction - financial and environmental
  • Commercialization of green energy for domestic and business use.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability
  • Project Management
  • Why time and cost overruns is still a major concern
  • The need for a competent project and construction managers.
  • Why foreign contractors have an edge and what we need to do.
  • Overview of East African Construction Market by segments - (Deloitte Market Analysis 2016 - reference)
  • Definition of Terms and Brief History of Project Management - (PMBOK-reference)
  • Roles of Project Managers and Why East African Projects need project Managers
  • Why do construction projects experience delays and cost overruns?
  • What can you do to manage time better and deliver within budget?
  • Do you need a project manager to manage time and cost for you?
  • What other areas can a project manager help you with
  • Role of PMO (project management office) 
  • IT solutions that aid in successful delivery of projects
  • Scheduling, planning, resource allocation and contract management
  • Understanding the complexity of the construction industry communication needs
  • Relationship between effective communication and good performance in the construction industry: A Kenyan perspective
  • Communication gaps and proposed solutions in the construction industry
  • Value and number of projects handled from 2013-2017 in East Africa
  • Projects handled by different sectors
  • Stakeholders in majority of the Projects in East Africa
  • Funding Agents of majority projects
  • Construction teams in private and domestic industries - China, Japan, South Korea, Turkey.
  • Top 10 projects by value in East Africa
  • Challenges facing the construction industry in Africa & East Africa 
  • Current scenario
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Way forward
  • Town Planner Member of Consultant Team
  • Preparation of Site Master Plan
  • Development Approval
  • Approach to integrated master planning to communities
  • Designing of high quality outdoor spaces and landscaping
  • Diversity of building designs in master planned communities
  • Prospects of Market Demand
  • Indicators of a Bright Future
  • Resilience for Tomorrow
  • Modern technology in construction
  • Adaptability of technology in design and construction
  • Key supporting elements to aid the use of technology in design and construction
  • Use of Steel Fibers in Concrete as a three dimensional reinforcement
  • Replacing the traditional BRC/Weld mesh system
  • Crack free & highly impact resistance performance
  • Main energy efficiency strategies incorporated in the design of green buildings
  • Methodologies for evaluating environmental performance of green buildings
  • Assessing the influence of occupants' behavior in promoting energy efficiency in buildings
  • Land Acquisition challenges and proposed remedies
  • Project financing challenges
  • Capacity Building 
  • Definition of Green Building Finance
  • What is a green building and what are the rating tools
  • Where and how to source the green building finance
  • Comparison of LGS framing to other conventional mediums used in the Kenyan market
  • LGS design engineering basics
  • Cost estimation of light gauge steel structures
  • African vernacular architecture 
  • African architecture modern times
  • Restructuring the urban fabric into more sustainable form  


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