60 second interview by Speakers

Hear what our thought leaders have to say about the opportunities and challenges in the African Construction Market in these quick 60 second interviews. All our interviewees will be presenting free to attend certified workshops at The Big 5 Construct East Africa 2017.




Ilbert Isaaka Abiri is one of the founder members of Association of Construction Managers of Kenya.
He is currently the Construction Project Manager for Beglinwoods Architects, and is involved in the actualization of all construction projects underway


1. Looking at the future, what is the way forward for East Africa’s construction market?

  • Adoption of green building technology for sustainable development
  • Organize Construction summits within East Africa involving of key partners in the construction industry including the design professions, construction professions and public and private developers.
  • Adopt more of turnkey systems of management to enable minimize cost of construction
  • Investment on more infrastructure development (Railway) to allow ease of access to services within East Africa


2. Can you give us a brief overview/current scenario of the construction sector in East Africa?

  • EA contributes to 15% of construction projects in Africa.
  • EA constitutes 43 projects valued at us Dollars 27.4 billion
  • Government owns a big number of projects


3. What are some of the biggest opportunities and challenges faced by the construction industry across the region?

  • Opportunities - Ease of access to loans to invest, low interest rates, improved infrastructure development

  • Challenges - Corruption and embezzlement of funds, Terrorism by Alshabaab, Drought and famine, Fluctuation in Africa currency, unskilled manpower.


4. Could you summarize the key points you will be covering during your presentation?

  • Value and number of projects handled from 2013-2017 in EA
  • Projects handled by sector (Transport, Energy & Power, Real Estate) in EA
  • Stakeholders in majority of projects in EA
  • Funding agents in projects within EA
  • Construction team in the EA industry
  • Top 10 projects in EA by value.


5. What will be the most relevant takeaways for participants after the workshop?

  • Current construction trends in EA and Africa in general
  • Construction opportunities offered in EA Business
  • Business opportunities for suppliers in EA and Africa in general


6. What are, according to you, key economic developments impacting the local construction sector?

  • Improved Infrastructure (Road networks and Rail way line) that allow ease of people and goods
  • Availability of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’S)
  • Foreign investors and inhabitants in EA


7. Are there any innovative measures you would like to see the local construction market adopt?

  • More use of soil compacting test machine to ensure proper compaction of soil in construction
  • Adopt more green design and construction
  • Adopt new waterproofing products like ELAKOSTE, DAN KOTE, and VENALUM
  • Adopt more of metal roofing materials manufactured from recycled steel and aluminum since it reflects more of UV light than absorbing.


8. What is the impact of foreign direct investment into the construction sector?

  • Improved economy
  • Integration and unity of different states within EA
  • Bilateral relationships, between different states
  • Political stability


9. Why did you chose to speak at The Big 5 Construct East Africa?

  • To impart knowledge, ideas and opportunities in the EA Construction Industry
  • Meet stakeholders/key players in the industry with an aim of exploring better and vibrant construction ideas
  • Being an ACMK member would like to also inform participants and stakeholders on the importance of having construction managers in managing projects for efficient delivery of construction projects.


10. How do you think The Big 5 Construct East Africa will benefit the industry?

  • Meet new suppliers in the industry
  • Meet key stakeholders in the Construction industry
  • Exchange information and links to better construction methods
  • Allow more foreign investors in the construction industry
  • Meet prospective buyers for the construction products and materials to be displayed
  • Enlighten through new innovative ideas


11. Have you visited The Big 5 Construct East Africa before? If so, do you have any feedback?

  • Yes, it was impactful and was able to network and interact with key stakeholders and suppliers in construction


12. What are you looking forward to the most at The Big 5 Construct East Africa 2017?

  • Meet Key stakeholders in the construction industry
  • Interact with private developers, suppliers, construction professionals and exchange ideas in regards to future opportunities in the construction sector.