East Africa’s Biggest Networking Event for the Construction Industry

The Kenyan Government, through its National Construction Authority (NCA), announced its first National Construction Week earlier this year, to focus on the construction industry and its development... Read more


Continuing Professional Development in the Construction Industry – The Way to Stay Ahead

Continuing Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities that professionals engage in to develop their skills. It enables learning to become a conscious and continued activity... Read more


Critical Buildings New hospital construction in East Africa - building the health infrastructure

There is a significant amount of growth and new hospital construction across all of Africa, which is being driven by a greater government focus on expanding the healthcare sector. Over the next decade, hospital facilities with an estimate... Read more


Financing Projects: Financing infrastructure construction projects - what you need to know

East Africa is the fastest growing region on the continent, with economic growth expected to expand by 5.6% this year, well above the continental average of 4.5% or South Africa’s 3.1%. Infrastructure project finance and development is therefore crucial for East Africa to reach its full potential...Read more


School Construction Developments in East Africa

Kenya Vision 2030 objective is to create an industrialized, middle income country that provides a high quality of life for all its citizens by the year 2030. This plan is underpinned by three main pillars: economic, social and political...Read more


Urban Infrastructure Developments in East Africa

In the past, poor urban infrastructure in Africa has been a major block to economic growth. It is widely acknowledged among this continent’s governments that in order for Africa to compete on the world economic stage, its infrastructural development is a priority...Read more


New Technology in East Africa’s Construction Industry

The East Africa construction market is in its relative infancy compared to other parts of the world, but has a strong growth ambition. Right at a time when the global construction industry is being refined and advanced through... Read more


Advances in Building Information Modelling (BIM) in East Africa


BIM modeling is a game-changing tool for engineers, architects, designers and builders to all work to the same planning reference points and therefore work to a common mindset when buildings are being designed and developed... Read more


 Top 10 construction Trends for 2016

East Africa is expected to grow by $3 billion in the next five years thanks to Kenya's 2030 Vision with investments in the construction sector up to $20 billion annually... Read more


All Eyes on East Africa Construction

The global spotlight of the construction world is on East Africa as the region undergoes unprecedented levels of investment into its infrastructure, backed by regulations that have been updating over the last 10 years in support of its construction industry... Read more


Momentum Continues Around East Africa Infrastructure Construction

East Africa is the region’s fastest growing region, with economic growth expected to increase by 5.6% this year, well above Africa’s average of 4.5% and South Africa’s projected 3.1%... Read more


Official Construction Exhibition for East Africa’s National Construction Week

The sheer scale and level of Kenyan projects under construction shows that without a doubt it’s the strongest construction landscape of all the Sub-Saharan countries. As if that wasn’t enough... Read more


East Africa Retail Developments Favour The Big 5’s Construction Material Exhibition Section

The march of the East Africa retail project sector seems unstoppable, with international retailers such as Carrefour, The Foschini Group and LC Waikiki, among others staking their retail claim in the region... Read more